Child custody and visitation issues during or after divorce or after the separation of an unmarried couple can be very difficult that is why it is important to have the assistance of an experienced as well as caring and compassionate attorney.  Attorney J. Alexander Davidson  works with his clients to help them reach agreements that will not only serve the best interests of the child or children, but also preserve the important relationship of both parents.

Visitation or as it has been more recently described �Parenting Time� is time the non-custodial parent  has with his or her children.  Again courts attempt to balance the best interests of the children    concerning parenting time with those of the parents, and they also seek to safeguard the existing relationships the child or children have developed with the non-custodial parent.  When both parents    are on the same page concerning the overarching focus of the best interests of the children then its often possible to negotiate agreements that all parties can live with.  Attorney Steve Buitron works closely   with all parties concerned in order to negotiate parenting time agreements that ensure the client�s  interests are well served and familial relationships protected. 

Important issues to consider when thinking about Custody and/or Parenting Time Agreements are:

  • Joint Legal versus Sole Legal Custody
  • Relocation Issues
  • Transportation Issues
  • School Districts
  • Holidays
  • No School Days
  • Vacations


Modification of Child Custody Orders Violations of Orders

Often changes in circumstances warrant a change in a custody arrangement.  Changes may include   things such as the desire of the custodial parent to relocate in order to take advantage of a job opportunity, or as a child gets older he or she might express a different preference concerning the    current custody arrangement.  Unfortunately sometimes a child may begin to be subject of abuse or neglect and this may certainly warrant a change in the current custody situation. 

Additionally one parent may violate the provisions of a custody order and this may necessitate the filing  of a violation petition to ensure that the parties adhere to the terms of the order.

If you need assistance with child custody, modification of a current order or a violation petition call Attorney J. Alexander Davidson  today to arrange a free consultation.

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